In the age of latest tech world, everyone is trying to be productive. There are always be an endless list of chores to complete and work to do. As we all know time is very precious, but we all waste time, so don’t try and kid yourself. Whether you are a young kid or employee or an experienced CEO who can’t focus on what you needs to do, you know time wasting is painful.

Today I am going step by step how I am wasting my 24 hours a day. I’m an employee who works for 9 hours a day except for weekends.

1. Sleeping

Usually, it’s better to sleep eight hours a day for a healthy mind (I think I’ve got an extra one). Understand it I’m a sleeping addict because I sleep around 14 to 16 hours a day on weekends. Sleeping extra hours on weekends is very enjoyable when I wake up to watch my phone notifications & messages and give some replies and sleep again. How much you sleep on weekends?

2. Social Media

I know People constantly talk about how stressed and busy they are, but let’s be honest – I actually waste a lot of time just scrolling through social media every day (actually every hour, every minute).  In fact, a recent study shows that 45% of people think social media is one of their biggest time wasting activities and I’m no exception.

My social media addiction got so bad that I started checking my emails and my social media notifications as soon as I wake up. Before my feet touched the ground I would already spent 15 – 30 minutes on different social media apps.

Social media apps that waste my time are below.

– Facebook

– Instagram

– Twitter

– IMO stories

– WhatsApp Status

When I’m checking a single mobile phone notification from one of my social media accounts can often turn into 15 minutes scrolling.

3. Movies & Unwanted Entertainment

I know entertainment is enjoyable but it is also waste of time. Too much browsing and surfing for unwanted videos is one of my favorite hobby.

Believe me this endless entertainment makes me less intelligent, give me fewer chances of success in physical activities. Because of this weakness in my mind procrastination happens. The pleasure of procrastination is fabulous by telling myself to watch this one and that one. Honestly, the hustle never ends.


How to stop wasting your time?

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